Sunday, May 25th, 2008


A mother’s day phone call from my Tia politica, L., who lives in Havana, to my grandmother here in Miami prompted an impromptu trip to San Pedro de Sula, Honduras, where Tia L. is in residency. Tia L has the other side of the family story — los que se quedaron, the one’s who stayed — I wanted it and I got it over a series of Hondura-style lunches and dinners (they fry everything, even the salad). I brought Tia L. a copy of Tomorrow They Will Kiss and she was disheartened that she couldn’t read it. But she was delighted that her name was in the dedication – as are all my aunts.

WHY ISN’T THERE A SPANISH LANGUAGE VERSIONS? It’s what she and everyone I met in Honduras wanted to know.

While there I received an email that Tomorrow They Will Kiss will be published in Italy this summer. Presumably in Italian. I’m hoping EspaƱa will follow suit. Y pronto!

The good news is that a copy of TTWK is in Tia’s hands and en route to Havana. I also sent with her a Spanish translation of Waiting For Snow In Havana. It was written by my friend Carlos Eire. I bought at Miami airport (that’s what happens when a book wins the National Book Award, it gets translated, it gets into airports – but I’m not bitter). Cool that both books will now be en la isla.